10 Things Gardener’s Need in their Garden Shed

What weekend warriors keep in their backyard shed depends on the purpose and even the size of the shed.

Sheds can come in many configurations, including a large shed with a gabled roof and a wide door that can accommodate a few bicycles, a riding lawnmower or even a small car. Other sheds are simple and made out of wood with flat, inclined roofs and simple doors.

Others are made out of sections of metal and have sliding doors.

One of the most common uses of a shed is to organize a home garden and store the tools necessary for its upkeep.

The garden tools should always be cleaned and oiled before they’re put away, especially if they’re going to be shut up for the season. Many sheds also have hanging systems where the tools can be easily hung and accessed. Among the things that everyone should keep in a garden shed are:


Spades are used not only for digging but planting trees and shrubs. The best ones are made out of stainless steel with a wood shaft and handle. They come in various sizes depending on the job.


A digging fork has square tines that narrow to a point. Forks that have flat tines are used to dig potatoes. Like spades, the best ones are made out of wood or synthetic and stainless steel.


Rakes are used to clear dead leaves and other debris out of the garden and to create a fine tilth to sew seeds. A rake can also be used to refresh gravelled areas like paths.


Hoes are used to keep weeds down between vegetables rows. A hoe can also be used to make seed drills. There are special hoes that are good for corners or tight spots.

Hand Tools

These are trowels and hand forks that help with hand-pulling weeds.


Pruners should always be kept sharp, because pruners with dull blades will only injure a tree or a shrub and make it susceptible to disease and rot.


The wheelbarrow should be deep enough to hold a lot of stuff but lightweight enough to maneuver easily and just narrow enough to navigate between rows of flowers or vegetables.

Garden Gloves

Like spades and hoes, there are different garden gloves for different tasks. Lightweight garden gloves can be worn for potting, while heavy duty leather garden gloves should be used for tackling thorny plants like blackberries and roses.

Pots and Buckets

Pots of various sizes along with their drainage dishes can be stored on shelving in the garden shed. Buckets can often be stored on the floor of the shed.

Watering Implements

Watering cans, watering wands and hand held sprayers should also e stored in the shed. Cans can be put on shelves, while sprayers and wands can be held with clamps and hooks on the walls or inside the doors.

Miscellaneous Garden Tools

Other things to store in the garden shed are pegs, posts, garden stakes, tomato cages, bags of soil, mulch, compost and seed starter, plant supports, garden tool bags, herb snips, fruit and flower snips, plant food,
fertilizer, plant markers and rolls of landscape fabric and chicken wire.